XR650R Hungover Sussex Ride in the Rain

So we decide to go for a ride in the rain! I’d been for a few drinks the night before (nothing too raucous) which seems to have led to me rambling utter nonsense.
I’m riding with Cosmic Rider who has recently seen the light of learning to maintain your ride yourself and not just handing it over to some mechanic that’ll (as we’ve both found)  do an ‘alright’ job but not an amazing job. We’ve sorted his head bearings which for the last year have had him thinking he’s not that great a rider but now they’re sorted, he’s all confidence (even though we’ve chosen to ride in the rain)!

The ride takes us up and out of Brighton to the downs then around the Sussex area and back along the coast. Unfortunately, it rained a little for most of the ride so couldn’t open up mr XR650R in the back roads. Nothing stops me from loving a ride nonetheless.

Can’t see the video?? Click here

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