XR650R Chain Slider Replacement

The XR650r Chain Slider does have a little dip on the top left side that shows you how worn the slider is. The maintenance manual indicates that below a certain point that is marked in that dip, the chain slider may be worn through and allow the chain to damage the swingarm. I’m a little paranoid when it comes to things like this so despite the chain slider wear level being above the lower mark, I decide to replace it. What I found scared me a little. The top of the chain slider was worn but not expired so I briefly thought I might keep it on a little longer. Then I saw the underside of the slider. Completely worn through! I’ve posted some pictures below of the sliders so you can see what I talking about. Point is… check it regularly and thoroughly or face buying a new swingarm. xr650r chain slider 4 xr650r chain slider 3 xr650r chain slider 2xr650r chain slider 5

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