Top Travel Tips for Riding in Southeast Asia

So you’re finally in Southeast Asia on holibobs or travelling or fulfilling your dreams or whatever and just about everyone you’ve spoken to has told you to just get a bike or scooter upon arrival. Yeah… I absolutely agree! You don’t wanna sit on a bus do you? Sit and watch the amazing stuff pass you by? no!?!… then get a bike! Here’s my top tips and ramblings for the novice traveller planning on getting a bike in Southeast Asia.

 Travel Tip 1 – Wear a Helmet

When the time comes… Wear a HELMET and get EYE PROTECTION. During the summer of 2010 we travelled to Thailand for the first time read more

Travel Tip 2 – Ride within your limits.

Ride within your limits. (if not well beneath them) I guess for me it’s about knowing yourself and not letting the inner dumb-ass come to the surface and read more

Travel Tip 3 – Get some practice before you arrive.

Don’t wait until you land in paradise to learn to ride a bike. I rang Advantage Wimbledon to ask what they thought read more

Travel Tip 4 – Get the right bike.

Get the right bike and get the right deal. Unlike people, all bikes are not created equal. Nor are they treated equally. read more

Travel Tip 5 – Take a medical kit.

Maybe you’re thinking overkill… or perhaps you’re just thinking that a medical kit is just too much extra weight in a bag that quite read more

Travel Tip 6 – Take a GPS.

Take a GPS (or smartphone) Had a brainwave 2 weeks before we left the UK. I’d had an IPhone 3gs for years and it had a smashed screen read more

Travel Tip 7 – Take a portable charger.

Get a universal portable charger. As stated in my previous post, Having the ability to charge your many devices is an absolute must. That said, simply being savvy read more

Travel Tip 8 – Pack the Essential Hand Luggage.

There’s plenty of opinions out there that’ll tell you what to pack. I’m not gonna tell you what’s right or what’s wrong.  read more

Travel Tip 9 – Get the Cheapest Flights.

Even with all of the internets latests sites, blogs and whatnots the read more


Choose from the list above to help you get around Southeast Asia.


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