Norton Rider Training Worthing – Review

Truth be told, I’ve maintained since passing my CBT that I would return to Advantage Wimbledon to do my big bike license. As the title clearly points out, I didn’t!

The morning of October 5th 2013 shall never be forgotten. It’s the morning I’ll ride an ER6N for the first time at Norton rider training worthing. I’ve literally been dreaming about this for the last two weeks since I booked the 3 day course. Having ridden 30,000 miles in the 18 months i’ve had my Honda Xl 125v Varadero, I feel as ready as I can be for for joining the big boys club.

Day 1 – Training at Norton Rider Training Worthing

It’s a beautiful morning when I head out at 7.15. Heading out along the A27 i’m following a BMW GS650. My Tomtom app is telling me that i’m gonna be early and indeed I do arrive with 15 minutes to grow some balls and it turns out that i’ve been following one of the instructors, Heather Piantino. I’m one of the first to arrive on this fine Saturday morning and by the time of 8, there’s 8 nervous folk here for their CBT and 4 for the big guns.

In the club house, we all get a few moments to seemingly have a little mumble to ourselves and get our heads straight before Jane Ellson kindly calls us forward to have a butchers at our paperwork. Once that’s all straight it’s out to the playground where the bikes and the instructors await.

I have the pleasure on Saturday of being instructed to one of the owners of the Norton Rider Training Worthing, Simon Cooke, an incredibly knowledgable chap who at first took the time to ask us some (kind of trick) questions to get us thinking more logically about safety. It’s amazing what you think you know, especially after taking the motorcycle theory test! In my case it seems i’m great at memorising the highway code but Simon helped me realise that I don’t naturally apply it.

Once on the Kawasaki ER6N my hearts stops pounding so hard as I realise I am on a quality smooth new bike. We spend a fair amount of time riding around the playground and doing some cone dodging to get used to being on the bikes. When we’d settled into our saddles we made our way out into the world and headed for the Module 1 test ground where Simon had kindly secured us an opportunity to have a few practice runs. Select the following link for the DSA Module 1 Video.

After this fantastic opportunity we simply went for a ride, stopping occasionally to assess our performance and change the order of riding.

Day 2 – Training at Norton Rider Training Worthing

Having had the night to sleep on it, I arrive at the site raring to go. The bike I rode all day yesterday was stored with my name on it so I would be as comfortable as possible whilst learning. So without a moment to spare I was straight into the playground to see how my skills had improved while I slept. Huzzah! My confidence on the bike and control of the joyous beast had improved 10 fold! I wasn’t quite ready to become a stunt rider but I couldn’t wait to get out on the road again.

My instructor today (much to my surprise) was not Simon Cooke but a man with my own name, Michael (Le’Febour). He was teaching the previous day but he’d taken out the other two riders. Today i’d be riding with Alex (a fellow learner) and Michael. Alex and Michael had developed a hilarious rapport apparently through my most cherished form of communication, sarcasm. This was sure to be an epic day.

The day itself was similar to the first day except for the confidence that I shared with Alex. He too seemed to have grown into his machine overnight and this lead us to some of the twisty roads that are already close to my heart in Sussex. Having known these roads so well from the past 18 months of pleasure riding I was pleasantly surprised at the new found exhilaration I experienced for doing them on a big engined bike.

Again we had an opportunity to ride the module 1 test site and like the the morning my ability seemed more solid. After that, we rode the the surrounding area knowing that it was within the test area. The ride back was truly the memory i’ll never forget. Michael talked us through how to corner confidently and safely at speed. AWESOME!!

Once back we packed the bikes away again and I headed home knowing that the tomorrow is the test day.

Day 3 – Test Day with Norton Rider Training at the Burgess Hill Test Centre

Ok, wake up, back to feeling sick!
I arrive at Nigel Nortons to pick up the bike and I am nervous. The morning is cold and foggy. Alex and I are straight on our bikes and cone dodging. Simon tells us he’s going to escort us to the test centre then off we go. We take the long route across Sussex to the test centre to make sure we get as much practice in before the event.
We get there in good time and reverse park our bikes as instructed on the previous days as from the moment you get on your bike to do the Module 1 Test, you’re being assessed.

The next 45 minutes are a bit of a blur but both Alex and I passed our Module 1 test. GET…IN!!!

A rabble of butterflies in my stomach, i’m called forward for my module 2 road test. Honestly, it flew by so quick I was surprised when I turned the corner back into the test centre.

Was it all for nothing?

Norton rider training worthing

Mike Passed

The picture says it all.

Thank you to everyone at Norton Rider Training Worthing x

I highly recommend doing your training with this bunch… Norton Rider Training.

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