XL125V Varadero. How to lube and adjust a motorcycle chain.

In this video post I show you how to lube and adjust a motorcycle chain at the side of the road with just your basic motorcycle toolkit, a small plastic ruler and obviously some gear oil. It’s not the clearest video but it’ll give you a very good idea of how to do it.

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Bikes will differ in how it’s done but often the process is very similar. Having often hired bikes i’ve found the chain and rear wheel is quite often alarmingly misaligned thus you should check and perhaps lube and adjust a motorcycle chain.

Unlike cars, bikes require constant attention. Particularly the chain. After long journeys, especially journeys in wet conditions it’s important to at least check the tension and lubrication of your chain. Tensions vary from bike to bike but generally it’s best to have a little give in the chain to allow for suspension travel.

As for the alignment of the wheel, this needs to be fairly accurate as it is the difference between smooth or awkward turning not to mention accelerated chain wear and generally odd sounds from the chain area. Having a centre stand helps but it’s not essential.

Most motorcycles come with a basic toolkit. As shown in this video I have used…

A screw spanner
two open ended spanners
two ring spanners
a ruler
gear oil (20ml)

There’s more in the on-bike toolkit than is listed here but this is all I needed for adjusting and lubing the chain.

Check out the video…Lube and adjust a motorcycle chain.

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