Honda XR650R for sale??

Suffering the loss on my CRF250L I had to endure levels of rage never reached before and without something to smash I turned my mind to study. I need a new bike and during my online hunt not only for a trace of my stolen ride but a replacement for it I happened across countless forums and blogs about the more aggressive sibling to the XR650L, the mighty BRP, the Honda XR650R.

I’ve hunted and hunted for an XR650R  and thanks to a very passionate man in Ipswich, the dream is reborn.

Living in Brighton, it was quite the trek up to Ipswich. Since I found the XR650R for sale on Ebay i’d been franticly researching the types of modifications this BRP would need to get around the world. Research became my illness, my solid focus, the long tunnel through the rage and loss i’ve suffered. At first the XR650R for sale in Ipswich seemed to me a bike that had been blessed with arguably too many modifications.

It read a little like this… Akrapovic full exhaust system, modified airbox, Fluidyne Radiators, Keihin FCR41 Carburettor, oversize braking disc conversion on the front and back, uprated front and rear suspension, Ceet seat cover, XR’s Only Frame Guards, Monnier fuel tank, LED indicators, Crf tank shrouds, rear lowering link, high compression piston and high lift cam.

All seemed a bit much but definitely worth a look. All those mods, it’s been lowered so i’d have to raise it, the monnier tank’s so small i’ll need to get the Acerbis 24l safari tank. I emailed to ask about the original tank and suspension link and it turned out he actually had the Acerbis 24l Safari tank and was gonna sell it separately.  We struck a deal by email and on the train I go. It dawned on me on the way to Ipswich, apart from the piston and the high lift cam these are the modifications I would need to do anyways.

Upon arrival I struggle to maintain calm as I see the bike sitting ready to be examined with the Acerbis tank already installed. I got a good feeling while we chatted about the bike. Turns out the bike has had all the mods done by a professional, a man who has the same dream as I, to travel around the world on an XR650R but thanks to his thriving motorcycle workshop he’s stuck where he is so selling his beloved bike.

Tim of Motoworks actually looked quite upset when I said i’d take his XR650R off his hands but thanks to the incompetence of Carole Nash insurance I still didn’t have the money from my stolen Crf250l and had to just pay a holding deposit. I’ll have the money by Friday.

Bring on Friday…. I will have that Honda  XR650R for sale

xr650r for sale

behold the dragon!

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  • Tom

    How did the 250 get stolen? Enjoy your new toy! Im about to follow your footsteps in selling my vara and (its looking like a bmw 650) for me…

    • RideyMike

      Broke the steering lock, forced the key ignition then tried to ride away before realising there’s a disc lock on the rear disc. Dragged the bike to the bottom of our street leaving an large skid mark down the street, lay her down then used an angle grinder to cut through the disc. Seemingly damaged the rear disc in the process as there was a little skid mark every meter or so down into the centre of Brighton where I lost the trail. Rozzers had NO INTEREST WHATSOEVER in the remainders of the steering and disc lock despite the disc lock having clear fingerprints on it. Made me so angry I couldn’t speak for 6 weeks BUT….. everything happens for a reason! That awesome little 250 would have struggled to get my widescreen arse around the world. The XR will make light work of it. Not feeling the F800GS or the new F700??

  • Kurt

    what is your experience with the acerbis24l and the akra-exhaust,
    no problems with the heat of the exhaust in close contact with the big tank on the BRP ?

    it’s a very nice bike the BRP !

    • RideyMike

      Hey hey, no problems whatsoever! They’re awesome bikes! People have been sayin that the tank and headers are too close and have been poorly designed… 4000 miles with that tank on and no issues. I must say it does scare me a little having those headers so close to the tank, can’t help imagining the placky melting through and riding straight to hell. That said, i’ve been for some long rides (in heat) and it hasn’t even warped a little, even with the high compression piston and high lift cam raising the temp. Hats off to the large Fluidyne rads i suppose. Question is… does anyone out there have the African Queens rally fairing that only fits on the Acerbis tank and wants to sell it off cheap??

      All that aside…. there is something i should mention… My Akrapovic full system was recently described as ‘asshole’ loud, and as it’s too tall a ride for all my mates i’ve never heard her ride into the distance. I’ve just seen cats and dogs either run away or at me, people cover their ears as i approach and my personal favourite being a girl jumping out of her skin after i blip the throttle whilst stationary from 15 metres away.

      I made a video that you’ve probs seen about the exhaust. Here’s the link….


      • Kurt

        hey Mike,

        thx for the reply on the big tank issue, I will give it a try, and if it’s too close, I will wrap the exhaust with those special “caferacer” exhaust tape.

        I also have the dwg -db killer insert, it is still pretty loud, but acceptable if you keep the throthle low by passengers….

        I actually have 2 africa twin fairings…. 🙂 bought of a guy who rode rally’s with his Pig.
        I still haven’t installed them yet. I was not thinking of selling them, but if you need one desperately maybe we can come to an agreement.

        fairing is same as this one :

        • RideyMike

          Hey Kurt, I’ve got the caferacer/volcanic ash made heat proof stuff. A: Still melted my trousers! B:The header dissolved it in 2 months!! C:It made the exhaust note deeper D:Love it and i’ve got a roll and it’s easy to do. Doesn’t half smoke after the first ride though:D

          As far as the fairing goes… OMFG desperate isn’t the word! I’ve lost probably hundreds of hours trying to find one on the net that isn’t 700euro! Keep catching my GF looking over at my screen whilst I should be working clearly amazed at how long a man can spend trawling the internet looking for something that seemingly nobody wants to sell….My RTW wingless piggy won’t be complete without one. You planning on doing some rallying??

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