Honda XL 125 V Varadero Brighton to Wimbledon OnBoard Video

Here’s the video of my journey to Wimbledon (SW19) from Brighton (BN1). I used to do this journey 5 times a week and on a clear day it used to take just over an hour. There’s no motorway riding as that would be too easy and at the time I only had my CBT license.  I really miss my Honda xl 125 v Varadero, she was such a sweet ride!

The journey takes me out of Brighton up the A23. Then across to Faygate, then Newdigate into dorking. From Dorking along the A24 eventually reaching the A243 and heading across Chessington to meet the A3. Then simply follow the signs…

If you can’t see the video, click here

xl 125 v varadero

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  • Pete

    May I recommend you join a club and get a copy of the highway code and the Police Rider’s Handbook.

    Your riding was good but ooh so many risky moves and some illegal. As a fellow motorcyclist I’d prefer if you lived to enjoy your riding.

    Comments made with respect and the noblest intention. Life.

    • RideyMike

      Yeah, this was a lonnngggg time ago…. I’ve since passed my big bike license and more importantly, i’m no longer in hurry to get to London. Thanks for looking and indeed, ride safe.

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