Honda Crf250L Khōyā Project Bike

After 8 months of riding my XL 125VB Varadero I began to think. Was my beloved 125cc motorcycle up to the challenge of world travel?

I’ll start again, a very long time ago we, myself and a friend I lovingly call Grandad, plotted to travel to Southeast Asia. We’d fly there and get ourself some dirt bikes and have quite the time! We vowed we’d do it around the combined turning of thirty, a time generously far enough away to allow me, the man who’s got way to much month at the end of his money, time to save.

As i’ve typed in previous posts, 30 came and went. Here I am at the tender youthful sum of 33 and SE Asia is still an amazing two week holiday back in 2011 and a three month trip at the end of 2012. Both, in my mind, a wonderful reccy. I did those trips with my girlfriend who quite simply is timid on the two wheeled saddle so as amazing as those times were, they only concreted the desperation I have to travel under my own steam to foreign lands. Thus, whilst travelling in 2013 I studied the bikes of the world and decided I could only trust a Honda, a CRF250L to be precise.

Everything on this little bike would need to change. Long distance tanks, uprated suspension, new seat, new handlebars, navigation equipment, everything!

This post was supposed to be the beginning of a change. A change to the dedication this blog has to adventure travel. An ongoing review of how wonderful the Honda CRF250L is!

But thanks to some SCUMBAG THEIF, my CRF250L Khōyā (meaning ‘Lost’) Project is… no more!

Time for a rethink.

Thanks to my sweet little Varadero, I have amassed quite a knowledge of motorcycle maintenance and thanks to the wise words of Chris Scott, (650cc is the engine size for RTW travel)…i’m gonna go big!… I AM GONNA GO PIG!!… I AM GONNA GO… BIG RED PIG.

Click here to go to the XR650R Project Bike and watch the dream unfold.

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