Our Happy Memories Map

It’s funny how the human memory works. Someone once said or perhaps wrote that the mind deletes the amazing happy memories as a coping mechanism to help ease you back into the comparatively mundane reality of day to day life after an amazing holiday.

You spend months meticulously planning what everyone around you is calling the trip of a lifetime and after your return, you find yourselves struggling to remember the strange names of all the wonderful places you’ve experienced after what seems like only a short while.

Three months back at work and the fight to maintain the memories is being won. On top of having all our many thousands of pictures as our screen saver and having started the rideybikestraveller.com blog… i’ve decided that a visual record of at least where we were is necessary.

iMovie may not be at the height and forefront of video editing but after a very helpful free iMovie workshop at Brighton’s Apple store (thanks Philly), I’ve at least discovered the globe animation.

Happy Memories







So here it is… a little dedication to my appalling memory…

And remember… treasure those happy memories.

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