Goodbye my sweet Honda Varadero

During the summer of 2013 I took my beloved Honda Varadero to be serviced by the trusty guys down at Bikes of Brighton in the Preston Circus area.
A couple of days later I went to pick it up and post payment, I wandered out of the shop to find a chap standing over my bike looking a little upset.
I obviously asked if he was alright…
“Wish I’d never sold it, best bike ever!” he remarked.
Being the novice that I was I could only agree. For me, my Varadero 125 was the birthing point of my obsession and truly the kindle to the fire in my dreams…

Fast forward 5ish months to November and I get the call from Ray at P&H Motorcycles. He’s finally got a Crf250L and it’s got 2k on the clock so the price is right.

As obsessions go, i’d be lying if I said I hadn’t been planning this buy since the beginning of our Southeast Asia trip at the end of 2012. I’d gone as far as to read the entire Crf250L owners forum on (at that point it was well over 3000 posts). As much as I love the Honda Varadero, i’d become fixated on the (allegedly) bullet proof build of the CRF250L. It seemed to be the perfect off/on road companion with 8000 miles between services! Gotta have it.

Knowing it’d only be a matter of time before a long distance  tank was available, I began the process of trading in my sweet Varadero.

With all the paperwork signed, I had 1 week left with my beloved first bike and I treasured every moment.

In my previous posts about my Honda Varadero I talked like i’d never sell her, like i’d ride her until the very end but with more like 2500 miles between services she was hardly gonna get my lard around the world.
With that said, I still shed a tear when I handed over the keys, we’d been through so much together and seen so many beautiful vistas but it was time for a little more power.

Goodbye my sweet Honda Varadero.

Click here to read about the mighty CRF250L.

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